So its a really long story.  Sybil is our remaining four-legged best friend.  That previous journey will come in future posts.  She is the love of our lives.  She is loyal, appreciative, intelligent and spoiled rotten.  

The photo above is the look we get every 8 hours of every day for the last month and a half.  She loves us but she is really fed up with poking and prodding.  For the last year we have monitored and maintained a cancerous growth on her front lower leg with multiple licensed veterinarians.  In April it was time to make a decision.  Would we try removal and risk losing her through anesthesia or possibly the growth removal would be too traumatic?  Or do we just wait it out till she can't walk any longer.  We had lots of consults and appointments with different specialists.  So we waited it out a year to see if maybe it would stop growing.  It didn't.  The tumor had progressed to a point that probably in two to three months we would have to say goodbye.

Now we are nuts but not so nuts that we would ever allow our girl to be in extended, long-term forever pain.  We knew she was very healthy and happy.  She just had this damn, hideous growth on her leg that had to be re-bandaged and treated every other day.  She has a bit of arthritis in her rear hock and ankle, plus a giant sagging fatty tumor that vets said to leave.  So we had to address that as well.  Is the arthritis early on and with occasional medication totally controllable?  Yes.  So we prepared starting last fall for her likely surgery.  

We spoiled the crap out of her.  Ask anyone.  They will tell you.  And you know what EVERYONE loves her.  She's just that kind of dog.  So back to her story.  We saved our money.  Prepared mentally for the potential negative outcome of surgery due to her age of 12.  And worked with her to best prepare her for a successful surgery and potentially protracted recovery.  

Our vet Dr. Ned Henry at Crescent City Veterinary Hospital here in New Orleans was kind, honest and luckily agreed to do her surgery.  It was to be a complicated one because the tumor was very large (it had grown very fast at the beginning) so there wasn't any skin to pull across to seal the wound. He knew doing a graft would be tricky but leaving ligaments and such exposed very risky to infection.  So he did a graft from her side.  Six weeks later the graft worked as a living bandage while the tissue formed and grew back which reduced her risk of infection a bit.  Ultimately the graft sloughed off and now even more skin is growing.  He says its really miraculous her recovery.  

HOWEVER, he doesn't have to give her two capsules of antibiotics every 8 hours.  OMG is all I can say.  We have tried every single trick in the book.  Epic failure after 1-3 doses.  She is a smart little bitch with a very acute sense of smell.  Plus she chews EVERYTHING that goes in her mouth, never gobbles and swallows.  And she has teeth like a saber-tooth tiger, that's all we can say.  And jaws like a pitbull.  When she is really f'n pissed off she can clinch that jaw for a very long time.  While you stand over her trying to keep her head up and stroking her throat to get the pills down that of course yielded a bruised hand.  Her teeth pinch.  She slobbers and drools.  She spits and coughs.  She is a damn drama queen.  I could go on and on.  

So where are we today?  I'm procrastinating.  Yep.  Its pill time.  Sigh...